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Taking Action for a Better Tomorrow

Taking Action for a Better Tomorrow


This book is a point of view and an observational look from a common man at the progression of our societies, humanity, and our world. It is a look at where our various societies and humanity and the world have been, currently are, and are headed in general. What do we do when it appears that uncertainty and change not only seem to be constants in your world but also appear to be at a heightened level? What lies in the future? Whatever does lie in our future, we must remember, in our concern for the future, that our course is often predicated on and laid out in the present. What we do right now is the greatest determining factor for the future.

Taking Action for a Better Tomorrow

I want to help us survive. My basic motivation has always been the survival and advancement of our societies, humanity, and the world. But the problem in reading works such as this, as with any philosophical literature, is that the author consciously or unconsciously will attempt to persuade the reader. So, I do apologize if there is any feeling of persuasion. It is also important to remember that the meaning of a message is soured when the reward is expected in exchange for delivery. No matter what a person may say, how easily one can assume they are a liability when it is believed they are only there for their own needs. Thus, I do not wish my writings to be tainted by the view that I seek personal compensation beyond the survival and advancement of humanity.

Again, I reiterate that my main purpose is not persuasion, but I do hope that we will all think about how our actions affect ourselves, others, and the world, and how they will affect the actions and the world of people not yet born. I hope this book will have you ask a variety of questions, both of yourself and about the world around you.

I do not claim to know anything new; I just restate what many of us have been thinking. I have posted some questions without answers and given some answers without asking the questions. I hope that my writing will help us think about our actions more, instead of being just viewed as irrelevant words. I hope my writing, and what I have done, will help. I hope it will be accepted as a legitimate piece of work and not seen as just another piece of “cardboard philosophy”1 created by another crazy idiot.

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