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Optimize SQL database via phpMyAdmin

Optimize SQL database via phpMyAdmin


If your website is very slow or loading time is high. Then you can Optimize your SQL database tables for fast loading. It is one way of improving website speed. The optimizing function reorganizes the data and database table, which reduces your memory space and improves I/O efficiency.

Today this guide describes How to optimize the database table using phpMyAdmin.

Step 1.

At first, go to your Hosting Panel and log in to your Cpanel. All-time you will choose Best Hosting Server for website. It is the most important part of a website’s speed. If you use shared hosting then you select those hosting providers who will provide High-Speed Service.

Cpanel Log in Picture

Step 2.

When login into your website Cpanel then you go to Database Part and Open your Database in phpMyAdmin

phpMyAdmin Option in Cpanel

Step 3.

After opening your phpMyAdmin click Databases in the top menu And Select the name of the Database you want to optimize. Always remember that, all-time update your database and remove unused data.

Database in cpanel

Step 4.

Now, You can select the data table one by one or select the Check all option. If you need few data tables then you select manually one by one.

PhpMyAdmin Database

Step 5.

After Select Data Table, Click With Select and select Optimize table from the dropdown option. Be careful that don’t select the drop option from the database.

Optimize Data Table

Step 6.

Now you are done. Your database is now optimized.  If you have any question about Domain and Hosting, Please Share in Comment Box.

Database SQL Optimize

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