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New way to earn on Upwork Project Catalog!

A new way to earn on Upwork. As an independent professional, you give a lot to the job, including the many unbilled hours spent finding new opportunities. A typical day in your shoes might include:

Scanning open jobs for opportunities that match your skill set
Submitting proposals and waiting for responses
Negotiating contract terms, project scope, and rates with prospective clients

Meanwhile, that's all time that could be spent doing the work you love (and getting paid for it!)

What if it was easier to market your work? What if you could set expectations on pricing, timing, and deliverables upfront? What if clients came to you? This a new way to earn on Upwork.

New way to earn on Upwork
We're building Project Catalog, a new Upwork offering that does just that — and we're inviting you to be the first to try it. When you join our Early Access Program for Project Catalog, you'll partner with us to test new features, enjoy exclusive perks, and provide valuable feedback on a new Upwork experience designed to help you earn more on your terms.

Build your first project now, and your work will be showcased to clients in our upcoming launch.

Clients come to you

Spend less time looking and more time earning. Clearly define the scope, timeline, and price for each project offering — then let the right clients come to you.

Increase your earnings

With another way to attract new clients, you’ll unlock more opportunities to boost your potential earnings.

Stand out from the crowd

Your skills and expertise are unique. We’ll help you define and showcase them to help potential clients quickly understand why you’re a great fit.

No risk, just rewards

Your reputation is important. As part of our Project Catalog Early Access Program, you’ll enjoy the option to remove one client review per month and cancel projects within 24 hours of initiation.

To get started, let's build a new project.

Plus, because clients reach out to you, no Connects are needed.

Source: The Upwork Team

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