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How to Earn Money from Matrimonial Website

Matrimonial websites have turned as a basic platform for the marriages, It acts as a bridge and connects people from all over the world on one platform. In this modern era, matrimonial websites and apps are playing a vital role and offering youth to choose their partners according to their choice., Bharat matrimonial, and many more matrimonial scripts and apps have become a vital part of society and matrimony software Development turned the process easier and faster. You can easily run Matrimony Website using our Matrimony Website Script.


XIMIM is known as the best Matrimonial Website Development Company as it offers a highly functional matrimonial app and portal to our clients. Our well-versed developers bring the marriage bureau software according to the need of our customers which includes front-end features, a user panel, and an SEO-friendly matrimonial portal. We also develop community solutions and business-friendly solutions. Our matrimonial portal development includes advanced features and functionality at affordable prices as our motive is to satisfy our clients.

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Multipole Way to Earn Money from Matrimonial Website

a) Membership Revenues

Membership revenues are a traditional form of revenue. It is still a major revenue source & it leads the list. Our software helps to create membership packages based number of days & number of contacts that need to be offered. Packages ideally sell between Rs.5000 t0 Rs.35000. Certain niche business models offer it at higher rates as well, but those packages are limited to an extent.

b) Enhancement Revenues

This is a non-traditional form of revenue & is available in the online website model only. This offered an enhancement or differentiation when people are making a search on the matrimonial website. sponsored, bold, color enhancement, verified profile are a few of them.

c) Banner Revenues

This is a non-traditional medium of generating revenue with a matrimonial website. Our website script has been designed to accommodate easy integration of banners may it be third party networks like Google ad-sense or rich media banners all can be integrated. Our matrimonial website script already has predetermined placements that have been determined based on research reports by our website designer so that high CTR ( Click Thru Rates ) could be achieved.

d) Wedding Services Directory

Again a nontraditional medium of revenues, Our software comes with free wedding directory software inbuilt in the software. The software has the ability to offer free / paid directory listing. This being an extension of the current software it helps existing customer further engages service providers to advertise on the website.

d) Article Directory Revenues

You can use the article section for writing articles as well as creating revenues by providing PR to wedding service providers. You can charge in 4-5 figures based on your niche.


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