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How to Become a Copywriter – A Copywriter Story

The Journey of a copywriter story

A copywriter story is so fascinating. As a beginner, a writer doesn’t know where and how to start, and a lot of confusing thoughts storming the brain. Now, I will tell you a copywriter journey using simple words that help you to understand what is copywriting. But there is a point, if you become a copywriter, you should start writing what you have thought. In this way, you can feel that you can write and also identify your mistake. Write your own words and keep practice telling and making a story.

I think you have a question. What is the relation between story and copywriting? A good storyteller becomes a good copywriter. Before jump into the more detailing, I must say,” People love story.” Because of a story easy to remember and entertaining. A copywriter is a storyteller about product or service and creates customer value. For that, a company makes more sell and lifetime audiences. As a result, a reader never feels bore to a copy. The beginning of a copy starts with what they need, the middle portion what do you do for them, and at the end, how they can benefit to take this service. You have to influence them that your services are important and it’s the difference from others.

You can remember when you go to a shop and buying your product.

Do you think ever why you buy that product?

It’s all about branding and psychological implement which is the creation of a copywriter by writing.

[Tips: Here, branding and psychological both are bold, and why? Think of yourself. ]

Now, you have to know “What is copywriting?” Do you have any idea? Make it simple.

Copywriting is a writing element for that a customer or audience take action to buy a product or service.

If you understand what I say, it means my writing in the right way. If it is not, it is definitely not a copywriting. A unique copy comes from imagery and emotion. When you write a copy, make sure it has complete clear sense or facts about your product and present your copy with confidence. How many words should you write in a copy? Remember this line – it’s not about counting words. It’s, of course, satisfaction. Now, you should have a question “What should I write in my copy?”

How to become a copywriter – a copywriter story

“What they want, what they read”

Write that, your client or customer want. That will help or complete your audience's desire. If you catch this, your copy will reach the actual goal. Don’t use any kind of word that cannot reach your audience. The right tone and expression can help you in this field. Chose that kind of words which express your point of view friendlier. Now, the question is…….

How can I write a friendlier copy?

Viewer friendly copy means your copyable to solve your customer problems. Different types of customers need different types of products and also have problems. You cannot solve all kinds of problems. You should target your customer. In that case, you need the most important part of a copy, a killer Headline. Headline defines which type of customer engagement you or not. Now you have to read or research for your targeted audience. Now you have three points…..

  •  Research.
  •  Targeted audience.
  •  Headline.

Research! Research!! Research!!!

The most important part of a copywriter journey is research. Do you think? You can write a copy without research. Of course not, you have to research on your project. But, don’t copy/duplicate them into your copy.

Which kind of customer you have a need for your service? It can be categories by location, age, culture, even your product’s type, and so on. So, write your copy for your right audience. If you find out your existing audience then you can go to the next steps.

Your audiences are engaged or not it depends on your Headline. Your research will not work if it doesn’t work simple or to the point. Make it personal that they feel “it’s mine”. Ask questions and solve their problems with empathy. Avoid false promises and always focus on customer benefits.

You should read some Psychological Book to be a copywriter

“Your reader is a selfish”

Some example for you

  • Quite interesting, isn’t it? Suppose, you are a reader or buyer and want to buy something. Now what? You find your benefit, not the companies.
  • If you ask someone “Do you love a tree?” No one can avoid the positivity. Everyone will say,” Yes, I love tree.” This is the moment. Then, you can tell them,” Please, donate here for tree plantation.”
  • You will never say good or bad about your product. This right belongs to your customer. You just tell them what is the features and the benefits of your services.

“Fresh and hot food in front of your door at the right time”

  • Using negative words or thought very hard to convert the audience to a positive thought about your service. Everyone knows smoking bad for health. You can be listing how smoking destroys the human body with some awareness and how your product help people to avoid smoking.
  • People don’t like incomplete stories. By using human curiosity, you can get the right audience.
  • Buy one and get one Free. Your customer wants more utility from you by giving a single price.
  • Reduce prices for a particular time. It works better…….. $500 / $490.
  • ‘Graphic elements’ it’s not writing, it’s about color. Text color or text background color can help your audience to focus on your copy or product.
  • Easy to say or read your copy.

You want to be a copywriter

As a beginner start Blogging to improve your writing skill on a particular topic and then go the next one what you like. Learn the right tone on the social media platform, TV, and your regular life. If you read 1000 words, you can write 100 words. Make a good habit for reading books like poetry, noble, science-related, and so on. Read these kinds of books you can absorb the words on how to place the right area as a beginner. Collect newsletter, e-mail, magazine, ads, and analysis your collection. How can you improve/rewrite these in a different way? When you write a new copy, you should read your copy as a reader. If you satisfy, then not to change anything. A copy conveys unique ideas and doesn’t steal another person's thoughts. Try to write something new.

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