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How Can I Help You Code Faster and Better

In the past few months, since COVID-19 began to pick up across all corners of the world, we’ve been witnessing a massive increase of people, teams, and companies looking for solutions that provide help in working remotely.

Not knowing where and when your partners and clients are accessible, has set aside a few minutes and effectiveness become by a wide margin the two most significant resources. For us at Codota (and TabNine which we procured a year ago), these occasions make them face new difficulties, however, we've likewise ended up situated as a main fundamental apparatus for programming designers, like never before.

This new reality has made a solid need in the designer network to discover space explicit answers for its own needs. Programming engineers are typically extremely confident people who utilize online assets to pick up and share information, complete errands, and execute effectively as could reasonably be expected. Yet, presently, with working environment conditions being minimized for a few (availability, equipment), also kids going around the house, programming designers are scanning for ground-breaking yet basic answers for assisting them with coding quicker, without settling on quality.

About the Codota – Who We Are

Let’s assume you’re a software developer from India who works as a freelancer with three different customers. Each is based in a different time zone and has availability issues given the recent COVID-19 reality which was forced upon us. The last thing you would want to happen is having your productivity get hit hard. While there are some factors you can’t control, like being home and possibly working in non-ideal conditions, or having your kids needing your supervision or asking for your attention, your productivity as a software developer can certainly be improved, with a little help from our friend – AI.

Here at Codota & TabNine we never thought that our mission – to bring AI to software development – would be as relevant as it is nowadays. Our goal from day one has been to help everyone who writes code, get smart code suggestions straight in their IDE as they type, and save more than 20% of their time writing repetitive, mundane code.

As designers ourselves, we realize how dull coding can once in a while be, and wish we could kill all or the greater part of the non-innovative pieces of it, for the more perplexing and might we venture to state, fun pieces of coding. Programming engineers will never be supplanted – and we have no will for that to ever occur – however they can positively profit much from AI to help with removing a portion of that trouble.

Auto-completion for Email, Texting, and Now – Coding

When we started Codota about five years ago, we never imagined that “autocomplete” as a category would be such an inevitable part of our lives. Can you imagine yourself typing on your smartphone without your keyboard auto-suggesting you with the right words? Or writing an email in Gmail without its Smart Compose providing you with yet another “how-did-they-know-I-want-to-write-this!?” moment? We may belong to the deep-tech industry involving AI, ML, and Deep Learning, but we take great joy knowing that we’re in great company with the most consumer-based, everyday utilities.

Check out a small sample of how we provide value to software developers below.

Codota AI

Empowering Software Engineers Worldwide

How do Codota & TabNine Empower Software Engineers?

  • Increase productivity by saving ~25% of your coding time
  • Enhance code standard by suggesting only the best, most optimal code lines/snippets
  • For teams: Allow coding standardization, learning from the best coders on the team
  • For new team members: Faster onboarding, integrating with the team’s standards and code structure much faster
  • For managers: Allow tracking usage and productivity increasement

While Codota gladly serves programming engineers of numerous sorts – some are people, others work in unique new companies, and right to huge partnerships, for example, Google, Amazon, Netflix, and bounty more – we have a huge, dynamic network of independent designers who share regular practices and interests with each other.

We are enormous devotees to the gig economy and in enabling people all around the globe. At the point when we initially began, our AI code colleague just bolstered one coding language – Java. The free engineer network spoke to a good portion of our initial clients, and absolutely assumed a job in being a vocal one. We promptly got a lot of criticism from outside the box engineers and specialists, who continued asking when we will grow to different dialects. JavaScript and Python among others were raised as well known dialects numerous engineers wish we had support for.

From that point forward, we bolster Java, JavaScript and Python – yet (nearly) all dialects and can run on practically all IDEs. This puts us as a class chief with the most noteworthy piece of the overall industry, obviously, however, what we're extremely glad for is that we're ready to share this savvy code-consummation item with each and every engineer on the planet. It's at our center to help all product engineers, regardless of how and where they work.

Regardless of whether you work at a 10,000-engineer workforce, a beginning time startup with 5 designers, or as a remote specialist who likes to go with their PC and work with whoever, at whatever point – we are here for you.

See a portion of the bolstered IDEs we support with our item.

Codota AI Code Completions

Codota & TabNine – Leading the Market Together as One

As some of you may know, last year Codota acquired TabNine, a similar solution that works on slightly different languages and IDEs. It also means we now have both semantic and textual models of code. While each is being improved as a stand-alone approach, we’re also merging them together, in order to have a unified predictive model that’s better than both when separate. TabNine has a free version, limited to project sizes, but also a Pro-plan, starting at $15 per month. This plan provides unlimited project size support and GPU-accelerated cloud servers which makes everything run even faster and smoother.

Team solution: Codota & TabNine are also used on a team/company level. This means that we learn the private code of a team and make smart auto-completion based on that team’s best standards. A team manager can also provide inputs into our engine using a simple web application and guide our algorithms from which code to learn the most from, and so on.

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  • Java: If you write in Java, we recommend you use Codota’s free plan here
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  • If you write in other languages, then go here
  • In order to get the 30-day free trial, submit the form below

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