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Develop your Website to Increase Sales after Covid-19

Develop your Website to Increase Sales after Covid-19?

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in the significant downfall of multiple businesses globally. However, all is not gloomy in this aspect. There are particular positives to take away even during these challenging times. One of them is a prospect for companies to focus on digital internal mending like website improvements to offer a better online service. This effort now could enhance the number of potential buyers when work and buying behaviors return to normal. Can your business grow and improve from this chance? The answer is yes, as there is always scope to make modifications and improvements to your website, and with the raging pandemic, there is a genuine need to sort your webpage. These changes would not only boost your search rankings prospect but also provide an advantage to your users. You could fail to make enough sales through your page, and the reason would be the lack of user-friendliness of your portal. Therefore, we are providing some tips to improve the chances of sales post the Covid nightmare to make your business grow and be firm with the help of a Website Development Company.

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Improve your Webpage

Tips to Improve your Webpage

    • Make the page load times better
    • Make the Content Fresh & User Friendly
  • Change & Modify the Colours of CTA Buttons
  • Significantly Enhance your Customer Support
  • Integrate additional Photos & Videos

Make the Page Load Times Better

Improving the page loading speed should be the first thing every business portal owner needs to think about while discussing website modifications. Many owners believe that this process happens automatically, and all the pages have some internal mechanism to load significantly quicker. Unfortunately, that is not how the procedure works, as the page speed substantially impacts how your platform is running. If a website has a slow loading page, no visitor would last long and go elsewhere. In addition, it also affects the ranking system of your webpage handled by Google and other search engines. Such developments mean no customer will find you quickly, and if they do, your loading speed will frustrate them, and they will walk away.

You can improve the page loading times using multiple ways. Some methods are straightforward and can be applied in little time, with the help of a WordPress plugin, such as making the image file sizes smaller. Suppose you want to change the load time considerably. In that case, you can follow more urgent steps like shifting your hosting provider to a committed cloud server for more bandwidth allowance with the assistance of XIMIM, the leading web development company.

Develop your Website to Increase Sales

Make the Content Fresh & User Friendly

Many websites do not update the written text on their website frequently, as they wrongfully assume that there is no reason to spend needless time on the page if the content seems user-friendly and optimized. This supposition couldn’t be further than the truth, as the written content is one of the crucial components of your portal’s success. Multiple SEO studies conclude that refreshing your text is necessary for the overall health of your website.

Use a simple content audit guideline to check the current text on your platform. Do not make the cardinal mistake of using numerous words, as your written material needs to be concise, short, and compelling if you want to sell your coveted products and services. Look for locations to modify facts, links and optimize keywords. Some websites also commit the mistake of utilizing pre-existing content from another site that could be a seller or even a rival to save money. It is a massive deal-breaker as Google immediately rejects such duplicate content. You run the risk of the impacted URLs not being shown in search results. It would help if you looked for the desired solutions by collaborating with XIMIM, the foremost Web Development Company in Bangladesh

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Change & Modify the Colours of CTA Buttons

Even the tiniest detail could hugely impact your website, like modifying and editing the colors of the CTA buttons. Most developers focus on the click-friendliness of the button and devote more time to the button microcopy. However, it is not prudent to underestimate the color scheme, and it is one of the most coveted improvements one might make on the page. Different colors work better depending on your industry and audience, so it’s a great idea to follow this advice and test multiple color options until you find the most effective one.

Significantly Enhance your Customer Support

Many businesses found themselves in deep trouble owing to their customer support over the Covid-19 pandemic period. The problems included busy phone lines preventing many buyers from getting through and ultimately getting disconnected, and receiving poor user service when they connected. One needs to integrate a live chat user service in the portal to prevent the issues mentioned above for the business. Introducing this service enables the customers to have a fruitful experience with your company and resolve their pertinent problems effectively. It would be better if you were ready to handle an uptake in orders as businesses reopen – and one of the best ways to do so is to improve your customer service options through XIMIM , the top Web Development Company in USA.

Integrate additional Photos & Videos

When the matter of selling products through your platform comes up, the importance of photos and videos cannot be overstated. Having wonderfully written text is fine, but it wouldn’t be enough to sustain the consumers. Every customer wants to properly go through an item even if they can’t come to a shop to check it in person, and such videos & photos help them in their purchasing decisions. If users can’t view a product photo on your platform, they will drift towards another supplier to find the desired item. Try to get images of your products from a wide variety of angles and in different use cases or settings, if possible. This process will allow the users to get closer to the in-store experience of looking at a product.

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