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9 Reasons To Create a Travel Booking Website Using WordPress

9 Reasons To Create a Travel Booking Website Using WordPress

Why is WordPress so hyped? Isn’t it a normal CMS that is used for website making? Why do you need to create a travel booking website using WordPress? Why do all the people around you recommend WordPress again and again? If you are struggling hard to get the answer to all these questions then you are at the right place. Here we will give you answers to all your questions.

Right now 41% of websites on the internet are powered by WordPress that makes WordPress the biggest content management system. Day by day its popularity is increasing rapidly.

Table of content:

  • What can you understand by WordPress?
  • Why use WordPress for creating your travel booking website?
    • Most trustworthy and dependable CMS.
    • Open Source Content management system that provides more facilities than paid CMS.
    • Over 8.2k free themes.
    • Extends your Website function.
    • Solves all security issues.
    • Optimizes Website for search engine.
    • Complete assistance.
    • Easy customization.
    • Responsive for mobile.

What can you understand by WordPress?

WordPress is a CMS that provides the easiest way to create a customized and user-friendly travel booking website or any site without facing any difficulties. Even beginners who have minimal or no knowledge about the software can create a site easily with WordPress. It is this user-friendly content management system.

WordPress is not only popular for its easy-to-use property but also for its plugins and themes. Besides, these themes and plugins make operating activities easier. Moreover, people prefer to use WordPress than any other CMS. You can know the popularity of WordPress by its user number. About 41% of websites are created with WordPress. In fact, you all know when you need to create a site you will need coding. But thanks to WordPress you don’t need coding anymore.

What can you understand by WordPress

Why use WordPress for creating your travel booking website?

Ever thought about why WordPress is this preferable for creating a Website? Why do big websites like eBay, Amazon, BBC America, The New York Times have made their websites using WordPress? If you are having these questions then here we will provide you the answer to these questions.

You should definitely consider WordPress for your travel booking website and here are the reasons why you should:

1. Most trustworthy and dependable CMS.

WordPress is the best CMS for beginners as it is beginner-friendly. Creating business, affiliate websites as well as designing these websites have become easier using WordPress. Undoubtedly, you can depend on WordPress.

Furthermore, WordPress is gaining trust faster than ever. Only because it provides full access. You can easily use the data you want. Like other content management systems, WordPress doesn’t limit user access. It is fairly the most dependable and trustworthy Content management system.

2. Open Source Content management system that provides more facilities than paid CMS.

Open Source Content management system 1

After Knowing these lots of facilities of WordPress, you must be thinking that it is paid. But, you will be surprised to know that it is non-paid. Besides, its paid version is less beneficial than unpaid. So, Use WordPress for free and get the most amazing facilities.

Here, for creating a travel website with WordPress you will just need to pay for the hosting service, themes, and plugins. You can also use free themes and plugins but it is advised to use the pro version of the themes and plugins. So that, you can get the full advanced features of these WordPress themes and plugins.

3. Over 8.2k free themes.

WordPress is gaining popularity because of the huge theme option it provides. Now, if you are wondering about what a WordPress theme is, then in a simple way to describe it will change your default website. Your website will be more beautiful after installing a perfect theme for your site. Here are some tips to choose the best WordPress theme for your site. With these free WordPress templates, you can create your travel agency website without facing any issues.

If you are confused about which theme to pick then learn the Best WordPress themes for a travel company. You can pick a theme that suits your business well then no worries about your website appearance. WordPress is continuously updating to ease your work. As a result, you will get the best user experience.

4. Extends your Website function.

Extends your Website function

Another one of the greatest facilities it provides is the WordPress plugin. The plugin is the software that will add different functions to your site. In WordPress, there are different types of plugins to add different functions to your site. Besides, there are lots of WordPress plugins available for travel websites that will help you to convert your site into a complete tour booking system.

These plugins will eliminate the need of knowing to code. Now, you don’t need to be a software engineer anymore for making your travel site and all credit goes to WordPress and its plugins. Need some help with choosing a plugin for your travel site? Then read the best WordPress plugin for travel agencies.

5. Solves all security issues.

WordPress doesn’t leave a single point to make your site secured. Moreover, It provides lots of security and backup plugins by which you can create a 100% secured site. You should be more concerned about your website’s security. As your travel business mainly depends on your travel site. If something happens to your site, your years and years’ effort will vanish.

Dishonest people are everywhere. They don’t miss a single chance to take over your site. In this case, WordPress is more helpful. Besides, sometimes you will need a backup for your site. With the available backup plugins, you can avoid the sudden occurrence that can happen to your site. You can restore backup any time when you will feel the need.

6. Optimizes Website for search engine.

Optimizes Website for search engine

What is the benefit of your site if your site doesn’t show on search engines? As your biggest way to get new traffic is through a search engine. You can’t lose this chance. WordPress is well known for its search engine optimization capability. Because it offers lots of SEO plugins from where you will get the full instruction to rock on search engines.

You can use Yoast SEO, Rank Math for optimizing your site for search engines. After that, no need to feel pressure on how to optimize your site. These SEO plugins will provide you a complete guide to make your content SEO-friendly. You can also find lots of WordPress tools that will assist you to rank high on search engines.

7. Complete assistance.

The best part of WordPress is it has an uncounted number of users that continuously provide helpful content. As a result, of these helpful contents, you can find all solutions by a single search. All you need to do is search about it on google and you will get the help that you need.

Not only through users, but also you can find help from WordPress itself. Through the WordPress forum, you will get all answers to your questions. Moreover, there are WordPress experts and bloggers who are also ready to help you by answering your questions on quora and other platforms. Because of all these supports, you can easily create your travel booking website using WordPress without any issues.

8. Easy customization.

Easy customization

When you create your own site, it’s normal that you want to make your site in your own way. So, your site will be unique from any other website. Luckily, you can fulfill that dream with WordPress. WordPress will provide you 100% opportunity to create your own customized site. Now, when I say customized don’t get the wrong idea that you will need coding. You can customize your site without knowing a single line of coding. That’s fantastic, isn’t it?

You will get to choose your theme from more than 8k available free themes. With these themes, you can customize your site as per your wish.

9. Responsive for mobile.

Do you know what device your visitors mostly used to visit your website? Have you ever searched for it? If yes, then you know your visitors are mainly mobile users. Through research, it has been found that 61% of people in the US used mobile, 35.7% of people used desktops, and 3.3% of people used tablets to visit websites in 2020.

Responsive for mobile

I hope you understood why your site needs to be mobile responsive. As you have more visitors who visit your site through mobile, your site needs to look good on a mobile screen. Besides, in WordPress, you will find mobile responsive plugins that will make your site 100% mobile responsive. Your site’s loading time needs to be low as mobile users mainly use data. They will leave your site if your site takes too much time to load. WordPress solves both issues at a time. WordPress provides high loading speed and a mobile-friendly site. So, creating a travel booking website using WordPress is a very good decision.

Get Started with WordPress

There is no CMS that can beat WordPress by providing the facilities that it provides. WordPress is unstoppable with its increasing popularity. Even paid CMS fails to offer facilities like WordPress. Because of it, the growth of WordPress is rising so high that it will be impossible for other CMS to reach WordPress in near future. So, ignoring WordPress will be a very bad decision.

Create your travel booking website with the best CMS that will provide you all the functionalities that you will need for your travel booking site. And that best content management system is WordPress. Let us know in the comment if you have any other questions regarding WordPress.


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